Tohm is an attempt at modernizing the text gaming genre, where the written word inspires the imagination to create a unique gaming experience. Our MMORPG is currently in development - we're working toward an alpha release, or minimum playable product (see roadmap below). Your thought contributions here will likely shape the game, so seize this rare opportunity by using the Talk pages to offer your opinions!

While Tohm is technically an MMORPG because it's a single online world shared by many players simultaneously, it innovates on almost every aspect of today's standouts in the genre.  We hope to create a gaming experience that feels truly new rather than just another flavor of World of Warcraft or Zork, and one that attracts both some of today's gamers and non-gaming fantasy readers.

Roadmap to Alpha[edit | edit source]

Our "Alpha" version will be the first version of our game available to the public.  It won't be even close to a full game, but we hope that actually playing the game will help players give us more informed feedback versus watching a video demo or reading a wiki page.  We work on this game in our free time and aren't paid, so there is no estimated time of arrival for the alpha.  Also, we are not looking for coders or builders at this time.

When you offer your ideas and opinions via comments on our videos or Talk page contributions, it reminds us that people want to play our game, which motivates us to spend more of our time on it.  So please do speak your mind!

The features below are roughly in priority order.  We believe these are the minimum features we need to complete before players can get a "feel" for how the game works by playing it.  As features are completed, we'll publish demonstration videos and wiki pages to release details about them.

  1. Client/Server Communication
  2. In-Browser Client
  3. Command Processing
  4. Permissions
  5. Basic Social Commands
  6. World Layout and Basic Exploration Commands
  7. Logging
  8. Weather
  9. Day/Night Cycle
  10. Seasons
  11. Combat Framework
  12. Battlefields
  13. Training Dummy
  14. Combo Framework
  15. The Zombie
  16. Major Client Update
  17. Evasion
  18. More Unarmed Combat Commands
  19. Multiple Opponent Combat
  20. The Drunk
  21. The Bar Fight
  22. Combat Stances
  23. More World
  24. More Monsters
  25. Random Encounters
  26. New Player Registration
  27. Client Polish
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