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Tohm Development: Basic Social Interactions

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Tohm's social verbs let players communicate with each other in a freeform fashion (basically, chatting).  While some online games deliver a great player experience without chat (and some would be better without it, like League of Legends ), we want our players to feel immersed in a fantasy world, where they can interact freely and roleplay if they like.

Design Considerations[]

Grammar Correction[]

Because Tohm is a text game, there's a big focus on text quality.  It's not possible to guarantee good sentence structure and grammar, but Tohm does deliver very simple, cheap grammar correction for common situations.  For example, the command line "say how are you" sends "How are you?".

Private Messaging[]

Players may "whisper" to one another to communicate privately, and are encouraged to do so when they discuss "real life" topics or the game (for example, providing instructions on how to use a verb).  This helps maintain the fantasy environment for players who prefer a more immersive experience.  As in real life, other nearby players notice whispering, but don't get the content of whispers.  In the future, specific words or message patterns might trigger a reminder to use whispers in some situations.

Lack of Long-Distance Messaging[]

Many online text games offer a "tell" verb which sends a private message to another player, no matter where the player is located in the game world.  Tohm doesn't include a verb like that for several reasons:

  • It would be an amazingly convenient tool for spammers.
  • Players have many free, convenient options for private messaging outside the game, including voice chat.
  • Some players rely on verbs like "tell" habitually, even using it for messages that need not be private.  This detracts from the game's social experience for other nearby players (players don't seem very "human" when they never make conversation with others around them).


Tome's first private message between two real players was "penis".